“Dear Palmetto Subacute Staff,

On behalf of all my family, please accept our appreciation for the
excellent job of all your staff members.

Every member in your facility has done and continues to do [kind things] for our dear family member to be comfortable and happy in a [different] environment, especially during this pandemic COVID-19, [when] we have not been able to visit our mother (grandmother) Sonia G. She is the only elderly member left in our family and as you can imagine, we love her dearly.

We have been given the great pleasure to have [the team] provide
comfort to us, to see and hear my mother during these difficult times. [They have] given us the greatest gift to be able to communicate with our mother daily, especially during her very dedicated status of
confusion, since she has Dementia, Psychosis, Parkinson’s, and
recently, a fractured hip. You have given her comfort and protect her from this virus, and you give her all therapy required.

During these hard times, we would like to address our gratitude and
appreciation to your staff. The dedication, hard work, and commitment your staff has provided continues to be noticeable to the family
members. Your entire team has been and continues to be very
informative with all updates in detail.

Thank you all so much.” 

Wilma V.

“Thank you so much for the very comprehensive and informative teleconference.  I am most impressed with the protocols that you have established in order to maintain the safety of all of the patients at Palmetto Subacute. Be safe and enjoy the Passover/Easter weekend in the company of loved ones.” – Dean M. 

“It it weren’t for great people like you… there wouldn’t be grateful people like me!” 

Many Thanks – M. Soldevia de Diaz 

Good afternoon Amy & Betty, 

I would like to take a few minutes to thank both of you for all the support and help with my mom’s care. I also want to thank all the nurses and therapists that took care of my mom on this long recovery. This has been an experience and all the services have been above expectations.” – Adriana A. 

“I want to thank all of you for taking such good care of my mom. Thank you for keeping her safe, healthy, and always so pretty! All of us in the Morell / Piloto family wish you and your staff and providers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” 

“This place is great! I thought therapy was good. The nurses always took care of me; they got me stronger. Everyone here is kind and they smile.” – M. Roque

To the staff of the third floor, with all my respect and admiration. Above all, Irasema, Regla, and Yoli, who stole my heart, I will always remember them for their affection and responsibility. To Ramses, Pedro, and Gabi, they’re great professionals. 


Gladys D. 

“I want to take this moment to thank all the people who have given me their support for me to have a good recovery. To my nurses, assistants and therapists….without them, I would not have succeeded. Thanks for being so professional.” – Olga B.

“Dear Ms. Gonzales,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for taking care of me while I was at your facility for the last five weeks. I would love to be able to single out one single person that made a big difference in my care, but as you know, there is no ‘I’ in team work, and believe me, it was a team effort. From the nurses, to the CNAs, the physical therapists and the occupational therapists, they all had one goal in common and it was to get me walking again. I am so very grateful to all of them as well as the office staff on the 3rd floor.”

Yours Truly, 

Luis F. Dyola 


“I want to formally acknowledge Famela and Maribel from the Therapeutic Recreation Department for organizing the ‘Pizza Day’ event at Palmetto Subacute. Their meticulous planning, along with their empathy and nurturing disposition, made the event memorable for my mother Elba. Kudos to you and your team for your creativity and compassion.”

Gratefully, and with kind regards,