Upcoming Events

Celebrate the month of February with us! 

Let’s Celebrate Together! 
Join us on February 8th at 2 pm in the dining room for a fun-filled birthday party. All residents and staff are welcomed to enjoy delicious cake and savory pastries along with a wonderful Piano performance by Ceralina. 
“Love is in the Air”
This year we are filling Valentine’s Day with more than just love, we will have a karaoke party to sing out loud our affections to each other. Our love songs and duets will be accompanied by tasty treats and hot chocolate. This special event will take place in the dining room at 2 pm, Wednesday, February 14
“Caravana de Amor”
Please join us on Sunday, February 4th for a festive celebration of life. A delightful Portuguese church band will be performing our favorites songs with various musical instruments. Residents, family, and staff are invited to join us for this special event in the dining room at 9 am.