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Celebrate the month of February with us here at Palmetto! 

Check out our February Therapeutic Recreation calendar today! 



Kite Flying Day

Let’s fly a kite on National Kite Flying Day, February 8th. During these breezy days we will be designing and creating our very own custom made kites and planning their take off on this day of national observance. What a great way to spark up our creativity, while  having tons of fun sharing our kites together in the bright and sunny skies.

Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! This year it’s all about LOVE. We invite all of our friends and families to this year’s love and friendship party at 2 o’clock. We will be hosting our very talented pianist, Ceralina. Aside from listening to romantic piano melodies, we will also be hosting a very sweet petit dessert bar. Come on by at 2 pm with your sweet tooth because we will have all types of desserts galore.

“Love Your Pet Day”      

This February we are celebrating Love Your Pet Day in a very special way. We will welcome our fun-loving therapeutic dogs on this day during morning activities. Everyone is welcomed to greet our paw pals and celebrate the love for pets! Special treats and fun photo props will be available for pictures with our paw pals.

Floral Design Day

What a wonderful way to showcase our creativity and enjoy friendships with this exciting celebration! On February 28th, we will have several floral design sessions throughout the day. First, we will have a painting session, followed by a natural floral session, and lastly an abstract session where we will use recycled objects to create beautiful flower creations.