Case Study: Palmetto Subacute Care Center (August 2021)

Concierge: Marialcira Hernandez
Patient’s Age: 90 years old
Admission Date: 05/22/2021
Discharge Date: 07/20/2021
Discharged to: Home
Reason for stay: fractured left hip.

Details of Experience:
Mrs. Berra is a 90-year-old female who resides in an apartment by herself and is able to do activities of daily living (ADL) with independence and ambulate using a Rolling walker. On May 6th, 2021, she was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital Emergency Room complaining of left hip pain. She reported that she fell earlier while walking to the restroom. She dragged herself to the phone and called her son. Her son arrived at her apartment and called fire rescue. After the evaluation, the XR hip showed a fracture of the left hip. She went to surgery on May 10th, 2021, and stayed at the Hospital until May 22nd, 2021. She was referred by the hospital to a Rehabilitation Center, and she and her family chose Palmetto Subacute Care Center.

Mrs. Berra was admitted to Palmetto on May 22nd, 2021. She was greeted and evaluated by the Concierge, Nursing Team, Dietitian, and Social Worker. She also received a complete evaluation by the Rehabilitation Team. She was able to ambulate five feet with a Rolling walker with maximum assistance. She also required maximum assistance for transfer and bed mobility. The patient needed Physical and Occupational Therapy in order to improve her range of motion, increase strength and enable her to perform transfers, ADL’s and ambulation back to an independent level using the Rolling walker.

Mrs. Berra established her goals and expectations with the team and started her care plan immediately. Every day she waited for her therapy sessions with enthusiasm and completed each exercise that was indicated. Mrs. Berra was very sociable in the community, and she made her needs known. She enjoys painting, listening to music, watching movies on Netflix, and reading the newspaper. Mrs. Berra’s family was involved in her care and gave her support during her journey at Palmetto.

Upon discharge, July 20th, she was able to ambulate 150 feet with a standby assist and a Rolling walker. She also performed bed mobility and transfers with standby assist and most of her ADLs with contact guard assist or supervision. Mrs. Berra was discharged to her home with a recommendation of home health services and a home exercise program. She was happy and very excited to return to her home and expressed gratitude to all the staff for the dedication and love she received during her journey.

Thank you, Mrs. Berra, for choosing Palmetto. You will always be part of our family!