Case Study: Palmetto Subacute Care Center (February 2020)

Patients Age: 78 years old
Admission Date: January 3, 2020
Admitted From: Baptist Hospital
Discharge Date: Current resident
Discharged To: Current resident
Length of Stay: 1 month, 26 days
Reason for Stay: Difficulty walking due to damaged vertebrae

Details of Experience:
Mr. Eriksen arrived at Palmetto Subacute Care Center due to damage in his vertebrae after falling at home. Mr. Eriksen was recommended to be placed in a rehabilitation center by the team at Baptist Hospital. The team at the hospital shared a list of local skilled nursing
Center and he ultimately selected Palmetto Subacute Care Center.

Mr.Eriksen was warmly greeted by multiple professionals of the Palmetto team who anticipated his arrival. He was evaluated by both the physical therapy team (PT) and occupational therapy team (OT), and a personalized treatment plan was put in place based on their findings. The team also developed a discharge plan and goal in coordination with his care plan.

When he first arrived at Palmetto Subacute, he was walking 50 feet with moderate assistance and 35% verbal cues. Mr. Eriksen was able to perform with moderate assistance and was able to transfer to his bedside chair using a standard walker with maximal assistance, requiring frequent verbal cues. Mr. Eriksen was motivated and willing to participate with therapy. After eight weeks of intensive therapy, he is currently able to walk 125 feet x 2 with stand by assistance and 10% verbal cues. The team is very impressed by the progress Mr. Erikson has made. His nurse, Emily, expressed, “Mr. Eriksen is always up bright and early, ready for his therapy session. When he isn’t scheduled for therapy, he takes initiative and walks with his walker from his room till the end of the hall and back. He is extremely motivated.”

Mr. Eriksen is known for his great advice. He is always happy to share his knowledge with others because, as he says, “you don’t know the difference you’ll make in someone’s life”. Mr. Eriksen stated, “I’m grateful for all the therapists and nurses at Palmetto Subacute. They are patient with me and always take good care of me. I’m excited to continue this journey alongside the therapists and I’m excited to see my progress.”

The entire team at Palmetto Subacute is excited to see the improvements Mr. Eriksen has made. As always, the mission at Palmetto Subacute is to make a difference and bring joy to the lives of those we serve and the team is honored to be along with Mr. Eriksen for this part of his life’s journey.