Case Study: Palmetto Subacute Care Center (May 2020)

Patients Age: 89-years-old
Admission Date: 05/01/19
Admitted From: Westchester Hospital
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 1 month
Reason for Stay: difficulty walking, muscle weakness and dysphagia
How did the patient hear of Palmetto Subacute Care Center? Previous patient

Details of Experience:
Ms. Gomez arrived at our community for rehabilitation after a short stay at Westchester hospital. Ms. Gomez was recommended to seek inpatient skilled nursing and rehabilitation services to build strength, endurance, and support her continuing recovery.

Ms. Gomez was welcomed by our community’s Concierge Services Department and evaluated by our highly-trained nursing and therapy teams. After her initial clinical evaluations, Ms. Gomez was guided through a comprehensive care plan to support her goals, which included support in ambulating, building muscle strength, especially in her lower extremities, and to support her diagnosis of dysphagia through the help of our speech-language pathology team.

Our skilled speech therapy team implemented custom treatment interventions to begin building muscular strength and swallowing techniques. Multisensory stimulation, therapeutic exercises, a diet texture analysis with training in the use of compensatory swallowing strategies, speech exercises, and training in compensatory strategies were provided to ensure that Ms. Gomez could transition through levels of independence with her speech.

Ms.Gomez began to make noticeable progress and continued to build upon the foundation that the team had established since her admission. Her daughter shared, “Wow! I always knew Palmetto Subacute was an excellent rehabilitation center, but this is great! Your services have been an eye-opening experience for our family. I immensely appreciate all of the extra time you guys have provided for us. Since we are so far away, giving us even 5 minutes to see my mom via FaceTime every day makes all the difference, thank you!”

Our team is thrilled to share that Ms. Gomez continues to live in good health, sharing moments of inspiration to those around her and becoming more and more independent with each and every day.