Case Study: Palmetto Subacute Care Center (November 2018)

Patients Age: 68-years-old
Admission Date: 10/17/2018
Admitted From: Kendall Regional
Discharge Date: No DC
Discharged To: N/A
Length of Stay: 44 Days
Reason for Stay: Other Bilateral Secondary Osteoarthritis of Knee.
How did this patient hear about Palmetto Subacute Care Center? Last year she had the same surgery on her left knee. She decided to came back to our community.

Ms. Fernandez arrived to Palmetto Subacute Care Center from Kendall Regional Hospital on October 17, 2018 after a two day hospitalization. Ms. Fernandez was admitted for a right total knee replacement, something she was somewhat familiar with as her left knee was replaced on the 22nd of September.

It was discussed that she would need skilled care in efforts of returning her home. The hospital assisted Ms. Fernandez and her family with the selection process, electing to transfer to Palmetto for rehabilitation upon hospital discharge.

She worked with our team and her recovery journey was coming along smoothly. Much to her surprise and comfort, Ms. Fernandez’s healing was noticeable and continuously successful.

Ms. Fernandez was welcomed and escorted to her room when she arrived to our community, and she was attended by our nursing staff shortly upon arrival. Already comforted in her room, Ms. Fernandez recalled some team members whom she has worked alongside in the past during her first experience at Palmetto. Needless to say, she had inquired and requested the same caregivers to assist her during her second journey. The team was confident in Ms. Fernandez’s abilities and potential for a full recovery.

Ms. Fernandez received physical therapy five days a week. Her continued physical therapy services were necessary in order to assess functional abilities.

Ms. Fernandez received occupational therapy also five days a week. She required skilled occupational therapy services to assess safety and independence with self care and functional tasks of choice.

Ms. Fernandez also has a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, and requires a little more assistance from our nursing team due to their advanced skills training with patient care. Ms. Fernandez had this to share about our team here at Palmetto, “They are a love, they come every day to work with a smile, and they help me with everything. Thanks Irasema and Regla for all you do.”

Ms. Fernandez continues her journey everyday in efforts of a fill recover and a safe return home.