Case Study: Palmetto Subacute Care Center (Q1 2024)

Concierge: Ivis Casanova
Patient’s Name: Jaime Lauranzon
Patient’s Age: 81 years old
Admission Date: 03/18/2024
Discharge Date: 03/27/2024
Admitted From: Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Length of Stay: 10 days
Reason for Stay: Recovery from Cerebral Infraction
How Did the Patient Hear About Palmetto Sub Acute? His Daughters’ Google search of Rehabs in the area

Details of Experience:

Mr. Lauranzon was recently hospitalized at Boca Raton Regional Hospital on March 10, 2024, while visiting his girlfriend’s daughter up north from his home. During his visit one afternoon, his girlfriend, Gemma, found Mr. Lauranzon face down and unresponsive. He was rushed to the nearest hospital in the area and was quickly intubated, and a CT SCAN found he recently suffered from a Cerebral Infraction. Both his daughters, Amy and Karina, were frantically trying to assist from afar and found out about our lovely community, Palmetto Sub Acute, via Google search and decided for him to be transferred closer to his home.

Upon arrival, Mr. Lauranzon was greeted by The Palmetto Sub Acute Care Center’s interdisciplinary team. This includes Nursing, Social Work, Concierge, Recreation, and Rehabilitation. Mr. Lauranzon was content with his room and all the staff he encountered. During his stay, he could go to all his follow-up appointments accompanied by his daughter, Amy, who was visiting from Arizona, and girlfriend, Gemma, they both saw the excellent progress he made during his time with us at Palmetto Sub Acute. Mr. Lauranzon worked closely with OT therapist Patricia Marin and Speech Therapist Janelle Farias to get him back into the community quickly.

When Mr. Lauranzon arrived, he was nervous about his health status and his ability to bounce back and manage at home and was concerned about this reoccurring. Palmetto Sub Acute showed him that he could do it and become stronger than before. He discharged in short order with Gemma…ready to hit the road. He was so pleased with his stay and care; he hugged me on his way out and thanked the staff as he walked out the door back to his former self. We wish Mr. Lauranzon good health and wellness as he continues his healthcare journey.