Case Study: Palmetto Subacute Care Center (Q3 2023)

Concierge: Marialcira Hernandez
Patient’s Age: 80 years old
Admission Date: 08/04/2023
Discharge Date: 09/16/2023
Discharged to: Home
Reason for Stay: Acute ischemic stroke

Details of Experience:

Mr. Gantes presented to Mercy Hospital on July 26th, 2023, due to right arm numbness and uncontrolled high blood pressure. The initial CT scan was negative, blood pressure was controlled, and numbness was resolved. Then, he was transferred to Kendall Hospital for a neuro evaluation. One night, Mr. Gantes exhibited right upper extremity weakness and fell over when using the restroom. The symptoms progressed to right lower extremity weakness with drift, right facial droop, and severe dysarthria (difficulty speaking because the muscles are weak). The MRI showed an infarct of the left cerebral hemisphere. At the initial evaluation, Mr. Gantes had right hemianopia (partial blindness or loss of sight in half of the visual field), and right-sided extinction, and he displayed right hemi-neglect. The diagnosis was an acute ischemic stroke of an unknown source. The hospital team recommended medication, Neuro and Cardio consults, and therapy in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Mr. Gantes and his family checked his options with the Hospital’s Social Services and transferred to Palmetto Subacute Care Center.

Mr. Gantes was admitted to Palmetto on August 4, 2023. He was greeted by the Nursing Team, Rehab Team, Social Services, Dietitian, and Concierge, who made an effort to give him a warm welcome, covered all his needs, and clarified all his doubts.

At the initial evaluation with Rehab, he reported that before the stroke, he was able to do all his functional skills and activities of daily living (ADLs) with independence, and he was modified independently during ambulation using a rolling walker. At the functional assessment, Mr. Gantes could ambulate 20 feet with maximum assistance using a rowling walker, bed mobility, transfers, and ADLs with minimal or modified assistance.

The team, his family, and Mr. Gantes worked together to establish his goals and started the care plan right away. He spent his days in the community listening to music, watching TV, and attending therapy sessions. He made sustained progress that allowed him to increase the gait pattern to 400 feet using a rollator walker and the functional skills and ADLs with supervision.

Mr. Gantes was discharged home on September 16th, 2023. We are very proud of him and wish him continued good health.