Case Study: Palmetto Subacute Care Center (Q4 2022)

Concierge: Marialcira Hernandez
Patient’s Age: 75 years old
Admission Date: 08/11/2022
Discharge Date: 11/18/2022
Discharged to: Home
Reason for stay: Right Hip Fracture

Details of Experience:

Mrs. Luna is a 75-year-old female who lives in a second-floor apartment with a 24-hour caregiver. She was able to ambulate independently without an assistive device and only required supervision to perform her activities for daily living (ADLs). On July 31st, 2022, she presented to Baptist Hospital with pain in her hip after a fall. The imaging test done at the emergency department revealed a fracture in the right hip, which led to surgery. She had to stay at the hospital until August 11th, 2022, when she was transferred to a Skilled Nursing Facility, according to the recommendation of her Surgeon. The family chose Palmetto Subacute Care Center, after checking all their options with the Social Worker.

The Nursing Team, Concierge, and Dietitian graciously received Mrs. Luna at Palmetto. They worked together to ensure she felt comfortable and that all her needs were covered. The Rehab team evaluated her immediately. She was able to walk three steps using a rolling walker and required total dependence to perform her ADLs. The whole team worked hard with the patient and family to establish her goals and care plan. She started with her therapy right away.

Mrs. Luna spent her days at Palmetto powering through therapy sessions, in-room activities like watching TV, listening to the radio, and enjoying a good sunbath on the patio. She demonstrated amazing rehabilitative resolve, which, combined with a supportive caregiver and strong family support, allowed her to achieve her goals.

She gained strength in the lower extremities, improving her ability to perform all the functional transfers with minimal assistance to contact guard assist. Her gait pattern improved to 150 feet using a rolling walker with contact guard assist, and ADLs improved to minimal assistance. On November 18th, 2022, Mrs. Luna returned to her home with a personalized exercise program and assistive devices for safe, functional mobility.

We are proud of you, Mrs. Luna!