Professional of the Quarter, Janelys Garcia de Jesus

Congratulations to our Professional of the Quarter, Janelys Garcia de Jesus, CNA at Palmetto Subacute Care Center in Miami!

Garcia de Jesus has been working at Palmetto for six years; it was her first position as a CNA after graduation. “I am so happy, and so grateful for the nomination. I enjoy time with my patients and the relationships I have with my team members. I am so happy to be recognized by my patients and team.”

When asked the best part of her daily role, she shared spending time with her patients, and ensuring that they are good and receiving the care that they need. “The happiness of my patients is most important. The most challenging part of my job is when a patient passes away,” she began. “It is so challenging, they are like family.”

She shared, “I am proud to be noticed of my accomplishments and work each day. I will continue to work very hard; I love my job and Palmetto. My goal is to become Professional of the Year!”

Janelys Garcia de Jesus is now a finalist for the Professional of the Year contest; the winner will be announced during Nursing Home Week 2019!

Congratulations Janelys Garcia de Jesus, you are #TheCareRiteDifference!